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Terms and Conditions

  1. Rebate is for new equipment purchased and installed between July 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 by commercial, industrial and agricultural customers of Vermont electric utilities, except that rebates are not available to the following customers: IBM, Global Foundries, Omya, and electric utility companies. Equipment must be installed within the state of Vermont in a commercial, industrial or agricultural facility. Rebate forms must be postmarked or received by Janaury 31, 2018. Rebate offer is subject to change without notice and may not be combined with any other offer.
  2. Limitations: This form cannot be used for any project involving more than 250 individual items subject to rebate, or for any project involving new construction. For information on such projects, please call Efficiency Vermont (or Burlington Electric Deparment for projects within the City of Burlington).
  3. Proof of Purchase: Invoice(s) must include the quantity, size, type, manufacturer, model or part number, purchase date, and vendor of the efficient equipment. All sales transactions and installations are subject to verification and inspection. By signing this form, the customer consents to allow Efficiency Vermont (or, within the City of Burlington, Burlington Electric Department) 1.) to access the equipment for purposes of verification and inspection, and 2.) to disclose the customer’s information (including but not limited to the customer’s information included on this form and information on the invoices(s)) to the vendor and/or contractor who sold or installed the equipment to verify equipment purchase/installation and to collect additional information about the equipment and its installation.
  4. Limitation of Liability: Performance of installed equipment is not guaranteed expressly or implicitly.
  5. Endorsement: No particular manufacturers, products, or system designs are endorsed through this program.
  6. Payment: Allow 60 calendar days for delivery of payment. Incomplete or missing information will delay processing of rebate form and payment.
  7. Maximum payment for Lighting items will not exceed 100% of the equipment purchase price. Customer is responsible for all costs associated with sales tax, installation, and disposal/recycling. Customer is responsible for any tax liability associated with rebate payment. Maximum payment for Refrigeration and HVAC items will not exceed 100% of the equipment purchase price and installation cost. Customer is responsible for all other costs including sales tax, disposal/recycling, and freight cost, and any tax liability associated with rebate payment.
  8. Capacity Credits/Environmental Credits: In accepting these financial incentives, the customer agrees that Efficiency Vermont (or, for customers within its service territory, Burlington Electric Department) holds the sole rights to any electric system capacity credits and environmental credits associated with the energy effi ciency measures for which incentives have been received.

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